St. Lukes Welcomes You!

We welcome Newcomers, wherever you are on your faith journey, you are welcome here!


At St. Luke's, We offer Living Legacies.

Why don't you join us?

Worship with Us

St. Luke's, Speaks-up for the Community!

Speaking at Albany for Rural migrant workers.


St. Luke's & Children.

We honor & enjoy our children! Sunday School is each Sunday at 9am.

Sunday School

St. Luke's rich in pastoral history!

Some of the historical garments of St. Lukes.


St. Luke's celebrates the Lord!

St. Luke's at Christmas, Come join our celebration throughout the year.

Christmas Altar

St. Luke's Service & Picnic!

SLB celebrating the Lord throughout the Community.


St. Luke's & the Community...

We walk globally, so others have food on the table!


St. Luke's fellowship & friends!

Our Dining Divas celebrate at Lakeside's Red Bird Cafe!

Dining Divas

St. Luke's, one of seven early churches of Brockport!

St. Lukes, 175 yrs recognized @ the Museuem without Walls.

Museuem without Walls

St. Luke's feeding the Community!

We open our kitchen to all as part of Harvest Kitchen every 2nd Sunday.

Harvest Kitchen

St. Luke's celebrating the Lord in the Brockport!

We celebrated Pentecost with our Brockport church neighbors!

Celebrating the Lord

St. Luke's in action @ Albany, advocating for others!

Our leaders marched on Albany for fair wages!

Advocating for Others

We joyously praise the Lord in beautiful song & music!

Come join in with our wonderful choir each Sunday at 9am!

St. Lukes Choir

Palm Sunday @ St. Luke's!

Palm Sunday @ St' Luke's Church!

Advocating for Others

Some Special People @ St. Luke's!

Rev. Krista+, Josh Barrett and the Rt. Rev. Bishop Singh.

SLB People

St. Luke's-Harvest Kitchen-Feeding everyone!

Harvest Kitchen staff gladly serving.

Harvest Kitchen Crew

Fellowship and Fun at St. Luke's!

Whether it is family game night, a dance or a social, come join us!

Fellowship and Fun

Breakfast Any one????

Happy Shrove Pancake Breakfast preparers..

SLB Breakfast

St. Luke's - circa 1911!

Over 175 years of Worship, Service & Community - come join us!

Fellowship and Fun

_ Join us each Sunday @ 9am _ *for Worship and Celebration*

Children are WELCOME at all services

Wednesday (12 Noon) Prayer Service
In the upstairs, Library/Prayer Chapel
Caring For Us Caring For Others
BEOC Clothing Center Hours
Sundays; 3:00pm to 4:30pm
Thursdays; 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Harvest Kitchen (Cocina de Luke)
Second Sunday, each Month: 3:00pm to 4:30 pm
St. Lukes Brockport on Wikipedia

St. Luke’s Information & Upcoming Events

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Krista+ will be on vacation
Sunday, August 7th through
Saturday, August 13th

Our Mission

A Pilgrimage for 2016
Seeing the Face of God in Each Other

Monthly InSpire

Weekly Flyer

Service Information

Sunday Service: 9:00am

Sunday Bulletin

2016-02-21-Krista in Office
St. Luke’s Rector
Rev. Krista A. Cameron

Krista; our current Rector, has been with us
for 7 years.  She has over 20 years experience in
ordained ministry.  She comes to us with
energy around building up 
our faith community,
through offerings of worship, prayer, and study.
While also reaching out to our community in need
and sharing 
what we love.

Services and Sermons

Bobbie & Josh

2016-07-24, A presentation was given by the
Discernment Team working with Josh Barrett

Something that may help us with our own discernment
as it pertains to our own calling by God

Previous Services and Sermons

Every Tuesday Evening

7:00-8:10pm Bible Conversation
8:10-8:30pm Evening Prayer and Compline
In the upstairs, Library/Prayer Chapel

DSC00005  DSC00006

Our Goals for the Future

Foster/Nurture a friend raising community
anchored in our faith journey with Christ
Enhance communication for disseminating a
consistent message for
internal and external audiences/viewers
Commit to growing and expanding our
Christian Programs

Recent Event(s)

2016 St. Luke’s Church 2nd Annual Picnic at
The Peterson’s Home on Lake Alice in Waterport NY



A Pan of Lake Alice (click the Photo) 
2016-06-29-Lake Alice, Waterport NY

A Boat Ride on Lake Alice (click the Photo)
2016-06-29-Boat Ride on Lake Alice

Upcoming Event(s)

Saint Luke’s Harvest Kitchen
Sunday, August, 14, 2016
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM  


Assorted Sandwiches:

Egg Salad, Turkey, Ham or Bologna 


Watermelon, Potato Chips, Macaroni  Salad
Tuna Macaroni Salad


 Lemonade, Ice Tea, Apple Juice, Coffee,

Ice Water 


Ice Cream Sandwiches