At St. Luke's, We offer Living Legacies.

Why don't you join us?

Worship with Us

St. Luke's, Speaks-up for the Community!

Speaking at Albany for Rural migrant workers.


St. Luke's & Children.

We honor & enjoy our children! Sunday School is each Sunday at 10am.

Sunday School

St. Luke's rich in pastoral history!

Some of the historical garments of St. Lukes.


St. Luke's celebrates the Lord!

St. Luke's at Christmas, Come join our celebration throughout the year.

Christmas Altar

St. Luke's picnic service @ Braddock's Bay!

SLB celebrating the Lord throughout the Community.


St. Luke's & the Community...

We walk globally, so others have food on the table!


St. Luke's fellowship & friends!

Our Dining Divas celebrate at Lakeside's Red Bird Cafe!

Dining Divas

St. Luke's Welcomes Newcomers!

Wherever you are on your faith journey, you are welcome here!

Welcome Newcomers

St. Luke's, one of seven early churches of Brockport!

St. Lukes, 175 yrs recognized @ the Museuem without Walls.

Museuem without Walls

St. Luke's feeding the Community!

We open our kitchen to all as part of Harvest Kitchen every 2nd Sunday.

Harvest Kitchen

St. Luke's celebrating the Lord in the Brockport!

We celebrated Pentecost with our Brockport church neighbors!

Celebrating the Lord

St. Luke's in action @ Albany, advocating for others!

Our leaders marched on Albany for fair wages!

Advocating for Others

One of our younger members! At Our Ice Cream Social.

Come celebrate with us!

Our Children

We joyously praise the Lord in beautiful song & music!

Come join in with our wonderful choir each Sunday at 10am!

St. Lukes Choir

Palm Sunday @ St. Luke's!

Palm Sunday @ St' Luke's Church!

Advocating for Others

Some Special People @ St. Luke's!

Rev. Krista+, Josh Barrett and the Rt. Rev. Bishop Singh.

SLB People

St. Luke's-Harvest Kitchen-Feeding everyone!

Harvest Kitchen staff gladly serving.

Harvest Kitchen Crew

St. Luke's Community BBQ!

Paul preparing the Chicken.


Fellowship and Fun at St. Luke's!

Whether it is family game night, a dance or a social, come join us!

Fellowship and Fun

St. Luke's - circa 1911!

Over 175 years of Worship, Service & Community - come join us!

Fellowship and Fun

Breakfast Any one????

Happy Shrove Pancake Breakfast preparers..

SLB Breakfast

Join us each Sunday @ 8 am & 10am, All are invited!!

 Children are WELCOME at all services
 Come join us in worship and celebration

 Wednesday 12 Noon Prayer Service:
   In the upstairs, Library/Prayer Chapel
 Caring For Us Caring For Others
 Clothing Center Hours:
   Sundays 3:00pm to 4:30pm
   Thursdays 7:00pm to 8:30pm

 Harvest Kitchen:
   Second Sunday of each Month 3:00 to 4:30 pm
 St. Lukes Brockport on Wikipedia

St. Luke’s Information & Upcoming Events

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Our Goals for the Future

Foster/nurture a friend raising community anchored in
our faith journey with Christ
Enhance communication for disseminating a clear, consistent message for
internal and external audiences/viewers
Commit to growing and expanding our Christian programs

The Friday Flyer

The Friday Flyer provides Information about:
Service Times, 
Upcoming Events and our Ministries.

The Sunday Service Bulletin

Krista’s Reflections

A Short Course in Holy Week

The Way of the Cross

St. Luke’s Monthly Calendar

Recent Event

St. Luke’s Rector and Wardens
Krista, David & Kally-s
      Rev. Krista, David Keller, Kelley Vergin
St. Lukes Rector, Rector’s Warden, Peoples Warden

2015 Annual Ministry Fair

 DSC00003s DSC00010s

Service & Ministry Information

St. Luke’s, Google Calendar

Prayer Service: Every Wednesday @ 12 Noon
In the upstairs, Library/Prayer Chapel

Upcoming Events

Sunday, March 29th – Palm Sunday
8 and 10am Holy Eucharist
Monday, March 30th – Holy Week begins
Deadline to submit Easter Flowers Memorial forms

SATURDAY, APRIL 11, 2015, 9:30 a.m.—2:00 p.m.

St. Luke’s Recent Events & Photos

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Click on one of the links below to go to our Flickr Gallery

All St. Luke’s Photos on Flickr

2015 Flickr Photo Collection
2014 Flickr Photo Collection
2013 Flickr Photo Collection
2012 Flickr Photo Collection

Please E-mail Photographs to be posted
to our Flickr Account to:

The Spire (News Letter) & Annual Reports

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Click below, to read one of our newsletters

March 2015-Spire

February 2015-Spire

January 2015-Spire

December 2014-Spire

November 2014-Spire

October 2014-Spire

Annual Reports – Review of Previous Year

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,

St. Luke’s in the Community

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St. Luke's in Action in our Community

Click Links below to find out more:
Amnesty International,
BEOC & Brockport Clothing Closet,
BEOC & Migratory Farm Workers,
Brockport Ecumenical Food Shelf,
Brockport Ecumenical Toy Shelf,
North Porch - for new Moms & Babies.

Want to join us to find out more about God,
click HERE for our Ministry Study.

* Krista+’s Korner *

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    2014-Krista Camron      Krista's calling card

Our Holy Week at St. Luke’s

Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday are the last two that we will celebrate as two worshipping communities.
There will be our usual 8:00 am and 10:00 am Services.

March 29th:  Palm Sunday
Starts out in celebratory procession, but ends at the cross. It is both a beautiful and difficult worship service. Sundays are always feast days for us, but this particular one has the shadow of Good Friday at the end….
We usually hear an entire reading of the last week in the life of Jesus.

March 31st:  Tuesday
There will be our Tuesday evening scripture & dialogue in the Upper Room. We will focus on the actual exodus which recreates the understanding of love and sacrifice between God and God’s people. The Passover is introduced here in chapter 12. There are many rich symbols that we also see in our gospel readings. We will take a look at these.

April 1st:  Wednesday
There will also be a 12 noon Book of Common Prayer service in the Upper Room that will focus on the resurrection account according to Mary Magdalene which will be our Easter morning gospel.

April 2nd:  Thursday
We will have what has become our traditional Maundy Thursday meal and worship. All of this meal and service will take place in the Parish Hall. We start with dinner at 6:00 pm, followed by Holy Communion at our tables. We will then process by candle light into the dark sanctuary to strip the altar and reflect on Jesus; alone….

April 3rd:  Good Friday, at noon
We will have a Meditations on the Cross Service, for us as well as anyone in our community.
There is no ecumenical service this year.
At 7:00 pm, we will have our traditional Book of Common Prayer, Good Friday Service.

This Holy Week; I invite you to come and worship, as fits in your schedule. If you have never experienced Holy Week before, I guarantee your Easter Sunday experience will be much richer and powerful in its meaning and message. Let’s travel this last week of Jesus’s Life, together as a community.


* Krista’s Reflections *

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 2014-Krista Camron   Krista's calling card

Krista’s Reflections

Epiphany 4            Lent 1           Lent 4           Easter Sun.

Epiphany 5            Lent 2           Lent 5           

Epiphany 6            Lent 3           Palm Sun.    

St. Luke’s Vestry

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St. Luke’s Vestry Information:

A Message from Your Rector’s Warden

Vestry on Call Schedule

Vestry Sunday Morning Checklist

Please Note
A Safe Church Training Link is available
in the Links section on the right
Under The Episcopal Church section.

St. Luke’s Harvest Kitchen

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 Harvest Kitchen 

Second Sunday of each Month – 3:00 to 4:30 pm
Segundo domingo
de cada mes - 3:00 to 4:30 pm

Suburban News Article about Harvest Kitchen

St. Luke’s Music Korner

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Music For Sunday

St. Luke’s Choir FAQ

St. Luke’s Choir-Music Sampler

St. Luke’s Bell Choir-Fanfare on Sine Nomine