Last Updated on: 2019-3-21
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
March 24, 2019
Third Sunday in Lent
9:00am Holy Eucherist Service
Supply Priest:  Mary Ann Brody
Colors indicate which Hymnal to use:  1982 Hymnal or Wonder Love & Praise (WLP)
Prelude:  TBD
Processional Hymn:  WLP 812   I, the Lord of sea and sky

Psalm:  Speak the Psalm in unison
Gospel Hymn:  WLP 727  As panting deer desire the waterbrooks
(verses 1-2 before Gospel, verse 3 after)
Offertory Hymn:   635  If thou but trust in God to guide thee
Doxology: 380

Sanctus:  S-157
Fraction Anthem:  S-164

Communion Hymn
WLP 811 You shall cross the barren desert

Final Hymn:
  368 Holy Father, Great Creator
Postlude:  TBD