St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Brockport, NY

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Building History

St. Luke's
1999 Renovation
St. Luke's
175th Annaversery

St. Luke's
2017 Accessibility Project
St. Luke's Brockport History-1838-1968 St. Luke's Brockport History-1838-1988 St. Luke's Brockport History-1855-2005 St. Luke's Brockport New Alter
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Accessibility Project Video
In Memory Priests & Bishops The Building 2pgs Jon and Nancy Bell Oct. 20th, Sunday Service
Phase I
Clergy Bishop WG Burrell The People
175th Celebration Prayer Card Phase II
Highlights Rev. David K Robinson Community Ministry Background Info. The 175th Celebration Program Phase III
1838-1854 Highlights 2pgs Inclusiveness Page 1 The 2pm Celebration Photos Phase IV
1855-1890 Emily L. Knapp-Historian Additional Information 3pgs Page2175th Celebration-Slide Show

1891-1915 Rev. Bond   Page 3click > to go to next slide

1916-1929 Rev. Dougherty 2pgs Not in the Booklet

1930-1945 Rev. Durland by Alberta Ketchum

1946-1968 Rev. Exley-Stiegler 5pgs  

Crypt Coffee House Rev. Henry  

Lights to the World Rev. Keedwell  

Closing Rev. Soller 3pgs  

  Rev. Watt  

  Rev. Wheaton 4pgs  

  Roswell Smith 2pgs
First of 2 Wardens

  Catherine Bastian 4pgs  

  A. W. Bruce  

  Orlo Lee Derby 2pgs  

  Helen W. Dobson 4pgs  

  Charlotte Garrison 2pgs  

  Emily L. Knapp 6pgs  

  David L Meyer 3pgs  

  Harold Richards 3pgs  

  Epilogue 4pgs  

  Commemoration Service  

  St. Luke's Members 2pgs